Add a SharePoint site as a custom app within Teams

For the app to work you need 3 files:

Manifest.json and two image files png 400×400 in size

(one to be used on the tool bar and one to be used within the app)

Once you have all three files and the json is configured zip the contents together and use that zip file to upload into teams

If an app has already been added but needs updating to go apps then ‘Built for company name tenant

Find the app, click three dots and then update

Manifest file example and list of lines which needs modifying for your custom SharePoint site and info:


“$schema”: “”,
“manifestVersion”: “1.7”,
“version”: “1.0.9”,
“id”: “05db8546-1517-4306-8dda-7278e8723826”,
“packageName”: “”,
“developer”: {
“name”: “inittogether”,
“websiteUrl”: “”,
“privacyUrl”: “”,
“termsOfUseUrl”: “”
“name”: {
“short”: “inittogether”,
“full”: “inittogether Intranet for communications”
“description”: {
“short”: “inittogether Intranet for internal communications”,
“full”: “inittogether Intranet for internal communications”
“icons”: {
“color”: “FocusBlue.png”,
“outline”: “FocusWhite.png”
“accentColor”: “#F3F2F1”,
“staticTabs”: [
“entityId”: “20300621111”,
“scopes”: [
“name”: “inittogether App”,
“contentUrl”: “”,
“websiteUrl”: “”
“permissions”: [
“validDomains”: [
“webApplicationInfo”: {
“id”: “00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000”,
“resource”: “”

Line 4: every time you update the app you have to update the version number or the app upload will fail when uploading

Line 5: id – create a new GUID for an app which will be unique, once created it does not need changing

Lines 9 – 11 – URLs which point to privacy and terms URL which can be seen when browsing the app settings or About within the team app, redirect to your organisation URLs

Line 14 & 15 – short and long name the app

Line 18 & 19 – short and long description of the application

Line 22 & 23 – png files which are used for the tiles within teams, these images have to be in same zip file as the manifest file and are sized 400×400

Line 25 – change html hex colour code to your choice

Line 28 – 36 – these are tabs across the app within teams and the URL paths they point to, can add or remove tabs as required (entityID needs to be different between each tab within the json), the order of the tabs listed will be the same format in teams

Line 33 – Content URL – https://[domainUrl]/_layouts/15/teamslogon.aspx?SPFX=true&dest=[pageUrl]

  1. Update the URL based on your own tenant details. Example URL would be

Line 37 – leave permissions as is, sharepoint will deal with the permissions

Line 42 – have to specify valid root sharepoint site for the domain

Line 44 – Use the above AAD App ID for single sign on

Deploy the app to all users: (teams apps – setup policies)

Select Global org-wide

Within this policy add the app and move the tile to selected location by moving app up or down

Can take long time to deploy to all users, potentially up to 24 hours

For certain users to have certain apps, we can create new setup policies, add that unique app in and then go to – users and update their app setup policy

Can select up to 20000 users at a time to update their policy