Azure Information Protection – We were not able to find the Information Rights Management template.

Users were getting the following on the citrix environment however they were not getting the errors on the local machine when applying a sensitivity label within word. The fix should also apply if the error is happening on the local machines

First check AIP is not getting blocked by running the following script in powershell:

$request = [System.Net.HttpWebRequest]::Create("")

The script should response with the certificate issuer if the machine can communicate with AIP

If the above fails then communication is blocked and needs resolving. Should the devices respond but are still failing to apply a label then action the below


Close all office applications

Delete RMS registry settings for the user 

Open regedit

Navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\XXX\Common\DRM
Delete the DefaultServer and DefaultServerURL values

Navigate to HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\MSIPC

Delete the server name key that corresponds to the RMS server

The two registry paths once removed will clear the templates and settings for the client

Next is to the existing licences, GICs etc..

Browse to the users %localappdata%  MSIPC folder and delete the folder

Contents within the folder

Once the folder has been removed, re-open word and try again