Intune enrollment error 0x80190194


All devices are showing in Azure AD as intune managed but not showing in Intune device portal

No firewall or web proxies are blocking ports, telnet proved connection

End users are licenced with Microsoft 365 E3 which includes Intune licence

Some devices (very small amount) are registered in Intune but majority are failing to enrol 

No Intune enrolment restrictions set

MDM management set to Intune and ALL users can register devices

Initial steps tried to resolve but no luck:

Add user as local admin

Remove device from Azure AD and re-register

Investigation steps:

Device successfully joined to Azure AD via AAD connect – devices are hybrid joined

User account has been added via GPO to auto enrol the devices but when clicking sync it keeps failing with the error:

Event logs shows the following at the exact times when the sync was initiated:


Event ID: 201

Checked the SC online certificate and noticed it had expired:

Verify certificate in registry matches the certificate:

Removed the certificate and reboot machine

Upon reboot checked the task scheduler and OMADMClient by client is Running

event logs shows a certificate was requested

Certificate still not showing a new version

Ran dsregcmd /leave (as admin) and confirmed machine was removed from Azure AD

Rebooted device to register device

when machine rebooted checked the dsregcmd /status to confirm it’s not connected to Azure AD

Re-ran AAD connect delta sync to add device into Azure

checked status afterwards and usual behaviour displays, waiting for MDM URLs to pull down

Checked local certificates and one of the remaining 3 has removed itself, now only displaying two certificates

Now seeing new event logs in the Device management

Azure device status before removing certificate

Azure device status after removing certificate then running the dsregcmd /leave, then running AAD connect to provision the device again

NOTE: registration date has updated

Enrollment registry is showing information but the device is still not showing in intune portal

One frequently seen error is related to some outdated enrollment entries in the registry on the target client device (HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Enrollments). If a device has been enrolled (can be any MDM solution and not only Intune), some enrollment information added into the registry is seen

By default, these entries are removed when the device is un-enrolled, but occasionally the registry key remains even after un-enrollment. In this case, gpupdate /force fails to initiate the auto-enrollment task and error code 2149056522 is displayed in the Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > Task Scheduler > Operational event log file under event ID 7016. A resolution to this issue is to remove the registry key manually. If you do not know which registry key to remove, go for the key which displays most entries as the screenshot above. All other keys will display less entries as shown in the following screenshot

Investigation above detected the enrolment registry path should be empty, if not the device has been enrolled before and maybe why it’s failing to enrol again, can try running the following script:

$path= "hklm:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Enrollments"
$keyname ="SSPHyperLink"
$keyvalue =""
$KeyDeletion=get-childitem -path $path -recurse | get-itemproperty | where {$_.$keyname -eq $keyvalue}
Remove-Item -Path $KeyDeletion.PSPath   

The above would run through the registry and remove the whole key which contains the enrolment information allowing the device to re-enrol



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Enrollments\[some guid which has the enrolment information]

  • removed both reg paths above manually or use script previously mentioned
  • ran dsregcmd /leave
  • reboot device
  • ran AAD connect to provision device
  • device now Hybrid joined again and registration date is today’s date and time / MDM set to none
  • dsregcmd /status shows information is being pulled down, waiting for MDM URLs to populate
  • Info button on settings – user accounts has now disappeared
  • Rebooted device again after 10 minutes
  • Upon reboot the MDM URLs now populated
  • Event logs show device enrolled
  • Info button now available and sync status is successful
  • Intune policies applying

Tested with another device and left expired certificate and enrolment was still successful